Barnet in English League Two has a game that is notoriously uneven. Underhill games, where Arsenal’s reserves are also played, may aim to create fun festivals, but the inclination means that sometimes it’s “no cricket”, especially football.

There is also something clearly unreal about the Kaka saga, the subtlety of which dominated this year’s football discussions as a highly watched test. Because of the money talks, a deal is more likely than not until Sheikh Mansour Togelplonks satta king makes his change at the table, drunk with a dream.

Recent reports suggest that Kaka will remain on San Sir after unsuccessful negotiations with Milan, but the city will not stop until its own deadline of 28 January has ended. They have too much money not to throw them away.

This may be difficult for our recessive Europeans to understand, but the Arabs really have money to give away. In my next work, I met so many sheikhs and oligarchs that the playboy approach of Roman Abramovic and sheikh Mansour does not surprise me. As sweet as it is to see Silvio Berlusconi and Roman Abramovic eat low cake, this step is still wrong.

Before moving, there are feelings that AC Milan deserves its own medicine after robbing other clubs over the years, and that hard-fought Manchester City fans deserve a chance at success. But another catch of crazy money only adds to the quickly rejected arguments for a salary cap over UEFA.

Kaka himself may be shouting this weekend, but his payers, AC Milan chief Adriano Galliani and de facto boss Silvio Berlusconi, seem to be coming out of the door with the words Euro on their eyes. It is not illegal to sell Milan her ace, but it violates the unwritten rules of football.