“The biggest problem is that most clubs and fans support the home league so that sometimes you get half the stadiums. Although it’s more important for Asian football fans. scoring and doing it for an adoring audience; Bosnar recommends for his personal success in Japan J. League to other Australian players? “” First of all, Japan is a good place to live so that every player enjoys being here. “The league is also good, the players are real play bazaar professionals and the background is great,” he said. “Just train and play well every week, every week and you can have a good career here. If there are players of any age who have a chance to play in Japan, they will accept the offer, that’s my fee.

His name always resonates and the Australian flag flies high on the terraces of Outsourcing Nihondaira Stadium, but if Bosnar Shimizu can help the S-Pulse win the J. League title they want, club leaders may be tempted by a slender defender statue on the city’s main street.

He could be a giant on the back of Shimizu, but not every day an Australian footballer becomes ‘big in Japan’.