Walk to the Cards Table with a Veteran Gambler and Joka Casino

This one is from our interaction with a veteran gambler who retired from the military a few years ago. Being in the army is not easy, and most of us can’t even imagine what it feels like to be in the battleground. On a lighter note, we were able to get to the nucleus about how gambling has contributed in making things happy for them. This is not a narrative and we’ve kept it straight and without any fancy frills. Here’s the whole crux of our discussion.

Q1. How Do You See the whole Evolution of Gambling?

Well, I won’t call it an evolution. For me, it’s a change and the Internet has just flipped it 360 degrees. Cards were and still are my best friends. Poker, Blackjack and all the others are not just games, they helped me in reliving memories that once I had lived. My friend once taught me Not to Play every Hand and also Don’t Stay in a Hand Just Because You’re Already in It. These play bazaar experiences have made me a better player and have helped me in limiting losses to a great degree. I’ve been reading on the Internet lately and was surprised to see how the house has shifted on the Web. Online casinos have amazing real-time graphics of cards, coins and even of the shooting blanket.

Cards Table with a Veteran Gambler

Q2. What are some other games you have played?

I am a massive roulette person, especially the European one. When the circular dice fall on the number or pocket you had bet, that to me is the most beautiful moment. Using the physics of the roulette wheel to predict where the ball will land is work of a master. There’s a pattern that gives you an idea of how the game proceeds and understanding this is what makes you a great player. I‘m learning the game by watching tutorial videos and reading different blogs. I gather information from various sources and online casino reviews have certainly helped me finding the right destination for my money.

Q3. What are your thoughts about Bonuses and Promotions that are being presented to players?

Bonuses are cool and there’s no doubt about it. Back in the old day, there weren’t many freebies. And most of us were okay with it. The added volume at the gambling destination has made all the difference. You’ve got all sorts of bonuses like Welcome, Reload, Match up and a lot more, whereas players can get amazing offers on 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving and even Veteran’s Day. They did add extra value to the system and made it more open to players.    

“Going online has given gambling the wings to fly high. You may be in Asia and still can bet on the Roulette wheel in U.K. If you would have imagined it in the 60’s people might not have even bought the idea. The world has changed and so has Gambling.”

To Sum Up

Experience is the greatest tutor anybody can learn from Joka Casino and in talking to a veteran, we had an amazing time. Our respected guest shared his feelings for his first love – gambling and we appreciate his time. Wish you all a happy gambling time!