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Bert Trautmann broke which part of his anatomy in the 1956 FA Cup Final?

a) Foot b) Neck c) Ankle

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While three big screens played the infamous 1973 England v Poland World Cup qualifier in its entirety, an ensemble of Polish folk, classical and rock musicians belted out a boisterous soundtrack to accompany it.

Huge Aston Villa banners slung along the sides of the Clore Ballroom gave a clue as to the evening’s instigator – Nigel Kennedy, the enfant terrible of UK classical music who became a household name in Britain twenty years ago for his unusual image: A yobby football lad, albeit with a mockney accent, who at the same time brought Vivaldi to the masses with the elan and sophistication of the finest musicians. Instead of a violin case, Kennedy preferred a carrier bag, instead of black tie, a Villa shirt.