They were ok to be fair and we had most of what we needed, of course there were problems but that’s part of life. The people in Sudan are very warm and really did support me in my time there.

How would you rate Sudanese footballers?

Some great players, it’s the same all over Africa and Sudan is no exception.

Was it difficult to work with the Sudanese government? How was your relationship with the government and play bazaar the Sudanese FA?

Excellent and excellent. I was dealing with both obviously. The FA was who I worked for and working for Dr Kamal Shadad was great for me, he is a great man and it was sad for me to leave. As for the government again my dealings with them were excellent and I can’t complain.

Do you enjoy the globe-trotting you have done as a football manager?

Yes, I love it !

Do you prefer coaching at the national team level or at the club level?

I would say club level as I am involved every day and really do enjoy that as opposed to a game every few months.

Are there any other places around the world you would like to coach in?

Yes, I would love to coach in South America and Australia that would mean I would have coached in all six continents.

Stephen Constantine

Is there a dream job that you haven’t landed yet?